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Hey, there. My name is Normandie Fischer. I sail, and I write. I also mess about at home and on board our lovely ketch, Sea Venture. Hats--or lack thereof--define my roles. They also let me hide. 








I'm a woman having fun as she grows a bit older, doing her best to bring smiles and joy to those she loves. And hoping to meet you, yes, you, somewhere along the way to chat about sailing or writing or God.

How can I do that if you don't stop and say hello? I'll answer your note if you're polite and friendly. If you just want to chat, if you want me to pray, if you'd like to know more about the things going on--click HERE, write me a note, and let me know.








By order of the Design Guru (daughter Ariana), I'm hatless in my author picture. (I'd love you to visit my author page on Facebook!) The black straw hat shows a dressier me from Ariana's wedding. Boat caps vary by climate: big and broad in Mexico, smaller in the less searing heat of NC. I'm wearing a signed baseball cap as I sail Puff home from the Cape Lookout, NC, lighthouse. 






We have big boats and little boats, messing-about boats and living-on boats. Sea Venture (below at Pebble Beach, CA) was my on-board writing home, the lovely boat Michael and I (and now my Mama) sail wherever and whenever we can.

Library 2015.jpg

(And then, here I am in glasses with my aging hairdo...)

As for my history? Well, we all have complicated bits, but I've lived in some glorious places (Perugia, Italy, for several years; the Sea of Cortez, VA, DC, CA, SC, and here, in NC), I'm mother to two incredible adults, step-mother to two others, and mother-in-law to one. Oh, and that daughter gave me two of the most wonderful grandbabies, the sweetest little girl and boy in the world.


I am blessed with the love of my life in my husband Michael, have a doll of a mother, and best of all, I serve a rather incredible God.​ If you'd like to read more, check out these pages: ​Sailing Odyssey and Samuel's Story.  To see pictures of my early work, click on the Sculpture Button above.

Our full-time cruising life came to an abrupt end when my mama asked me to come home to take care ​of her. I did. (One does, you know.) We’d always known the day would come (we’d promised years before), but it’s not that much of a hardship. Not with a view like this.

I combined our sailing blog, Sea Venture's Journey, with Writing on Board, where I talk of personal things, like sailing and writing and life on land. Be on the lookout for our beautiful big boat with the blue dove on its mainsail. When you see it, y’all come on by and say “Hey,” won’t you?


(Our oldest Sailing Blog has pictures of Sea Venture's refit.)


There are lots of ways to connect with me, and I hope you'll do so. If you just want to say something lovely and get a personal answer back to your note, you can stop over on my Contact page and drop me a private note.


It's hard to believe my two babies are now adults, brother and sister and best friends.

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