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Heavy Weather, Audiobookworm reviews

“...a lovely narrative…”
“Just perfection!”

“This is the first book I've listened to by this author and I've found that I thoroughly enjoyed it.”
“I loved the characters …”
“...Laura did a wonderful job narrating the story…”

“I loved it and would recommend it to everyone.”
“Nail biting and hooking from the beginning…”

“This audiobook shocked me from the first chapter.”
“I loved every second of it.”
“This book has it all!”
“The narration was fabulous…”
“I could feel the emotions in Laura Jennings’ voice.”
“Suffice to say this is a audiobook not to miss!”

“Laura Jennings is a particularly good narrator with clarity in her voice and an appealing tone.”
“...Ms. Fischer’s engaging story coupled with Ms. Jennings’ narration made for a listening experience I’m glad I had the chance to enjoy...”

“...a heart string tugger!”
“...a great summer read…”
“...very heartfelt with a little suspense.”


“This was a great standalone…”
“...I could not walk away…”
“I look forward to reading more from this author.”

“Heavy Weather is a very compelling story in which emotions run rampant and the tensions are high.”
“Normandie Fischer has crafted a richly captivating story that is filled with drama, suspense and Christian values.”
“The story was well-written and flowed practically effortlessly.”
“Laura Jennings narrates Heavy Weather and I think she did a fantastic job portraying the characters and setting the tone for this amazing story.”
“If you are looking for a clean, well-written, touching and believable story with characters you will love and some that you will despise, look no further than Heavy Weather.”
“This story touched my heart…”

“...I spent hours enjoying this novel.”
“Heavy Weather is engaging women's fiction.”
“I would love to visit these characters again to see where life takes them.”
“...when tragedy strikes, characters cling to their faith in God for comfort.”
“Narrator Laura Jennings did a great job of bringing the novel to life.”
“The characters were believable, and the narration kept me wanting to listen.”

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