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Narrator Laura Jennings

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"Ms. Fischer's writing was poignant and moving, and her magical combinations of words stung my eyes several times. But I was forced to a full stop while reading Katie's immediate and unflinching reaction to Linny during the Christmas service. While the adults were flummoxed and at a loss, a young child knew just what was needed... my throat closes up just thinking of that scene. Sigh. Normandie Fischer has mad skills!" Amazon and Goodreads review


Brandon Potter Narrator

"Normandie Fischer’s novels are southern fiction wrapped in bucket-list-trip locales. It’s one of my favorite things about reading her books! The warm southern turn of a phrase juxtaposed against a romantic backdrop like Italy (or a thrilling one if you’re reading her Isaac’s House series!).." Amazon reviewer

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"Normandie Fischer delivers yet another well-written novel with Two from Isaac's House, successfully blending an international story with a touch of southern fiction. Brandon Potter did an excellent job narrating the story and the various accents and languages within. Well done!" Audible listener.

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