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Words, so many words, piling together to make stories. More Carolina Coast and Isaac's House stories are in the works, as is one set on a boat in the Sea of Cortez.  Poems and books and thoughts and living. So much fun. 







SURVIVOR by Reza Fazelli (as told to yours truly)

Back in 1996, Reza Fazelli asked me to write an action memoir of his two escapes from Iran. When he first contacted me, he called himself a freedom fighter. I remember telling a friend, "An Iranian terrorist wants me to write a book for him."

Instead of being the terrorist I imagined, Reza was a delightful ex-pat who'd fled from both the Shah's armies and from Khomeini's thugs--and who'd lost friends as well as his eldest son in the process. He was a fighter for freedom, a famous actor/director/producer whose work caught the attention of the Ayatollah--and almost cost Reza his life.

The writing took too many years, and Reza died before he was able to fulfill a contract for the Farsi translation, but I was very glad to call him and his family my friends.

I used a pseudonym on the cover because of the fatwa on Reza's head.

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